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CEMEX introduces a platform to avoid accidents on the road

Date published: February 23, 2017

Its main objective is to increase road education and respect among road users to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents. The Platform is being promoted by CEMEX Baleares, and it has joined several entities related to transport, sports, and circulation.

CEMEX introduces a platform to avoid accidents on the road

In Spain, there were 97,756 accidents with victims, according to the latest statistical yearbook of accidents of the Directorate General of Traffic, corresponding to 2015. Of these victims, 6,925 were cyclists, of whom 58 died. On the roads of the Balearic Islands were 3,460 Casualties with victims, the second highest figure in the Islands since data was collected in 1993, with a result of 53 deaths. These numbers are nothing more than the result of how complicated the coexistence between vehicles on increasingly saturated roads has become, a problem that has become one of the main concerns of authorities and citizens. In this scenario has emerged the Platform for Understanding, the Kindness, and Safety on the Road, PLEASE, which was presented on early January, at the headquarters of the Balearic Business Transport Federation (FEBT in Spanish), by its drivers and first members.

The founding partners of PLEASE are CEMEX, the Balearic Business Transport Federation, the Federation of Cycling of the Balearic Islands, the Association of Driving Schools of the Balearic Islands and Unisport Consulting. It is a set of associations and entities whose activity is linked to the road and, therefore, especially sensitized with these problems, who have joined forces to promote values such as coexistence and respect to avoid accidents.

CEMEX introduces a platform to avoid accidents on the road

PLEASE is founded on the principle that, there is room for everybody within roads and highways, based on respect and good driving, a scourge that can be tackled, and avoid ending with human lives. The president of PLEASE, Rafael Serrano (commercial director of CEMEX in the islands), explained: "with PLEASE we want to raise public awareness of the importance of being kind, polite and respectful on the road. Especially with cyclists, who are the most defenseless and, in the event of a collision, those most exposed to damage."

"PLEASE starts a road today with a difficult but, necessary challenge for the citizens and authorities, which is to appeal to understanding and kindness to achieve road safety. It's about taking steps in that direction, and we think that awareness is a good way to do it. "

PLEASE partners have also appealed to other groups to join the Platform to shape a project that seeks to reduce road accidents and promote coexistence and respect among drivers because, after all, we are all users.

The PLEASE Platform is preparing different activities that will allow it to reach all the publics and groups that use the highways of the Island. In this sense, a decalogue has been developed for road and path users with ten mandatory rules, which will be distributed in all possible circulation forums. The Platform is scheduled to be announced in the cycling race of San Sebastian in Palma, and will also be present in the Challenge Vuelta Ciclista a Mallorca (Mallorca Cyclist Tour), at the end of the month [January].

Likewise, the Platform will promote activities for different road users to put themselves in the shoes of others, so that they can see what the road looks like from a bicycle, a motorcycle, a heavy vehicle, a car, a bus, and so on. "We think this is how we can appreciate the problems, needs, limitations, driving and circulation requirements in different modes of transport, and to experience it will make us more understanding, respectful and tolerant of others," explained the partners of PLEASE.

Finally, the PLEASE partners thanked the participation of institutions such as the Consell de Mallorca or the Civil Guard Traffic, who participated in the preparatory meetings, months ago, and whose collaboration has been critical for the birth of the Platform.

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