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Photography Exhibition celebrates 87 years of history in Spain

Date published: December 22, 2016

The Morata cement plant in northeastern Spain has born witness to the development of the Aragón community.

"If the plant was not here, the town would have much less life." Such is the opinion of Manuel Lahoz, a 28-year veteran of CEMEX’s Morata de Jalón cement plant in Aragon, in the northeast of Spain.

The plant, flagship of CEMEX's presence in the community, is one of the oldest in the country. The plant initiated construction in 1929, began producing cement in 1932, and today employs over 100 workers from the region. The cement made in this plant supports the community’s main infrastructure works and is part of emblematic works associated with Aragón like the High Altar of the Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar.

CEMEX honored the plant’s 87-year-history through a photo exhibition titled "1929-2016: History of the Morata de Jalón Cement Plant Over Time." The exhibition is composed of 172 photographs selected from more than 800 collected among workers, neighbors, retirees and the CEMEX archives.

"With this initiative, CEMEX seeks to capture and compile an almost nine-decade legacy, to recognize and pay a public tribute to the work of the thousands of employees who have contributed to its development and growth, as well as expressing its affection and commitment to the townspeople who have been our neighbors for many years," says Alfonso Conde, CEMEX Director of Operations in Aragon and Morata de Jalon’s Plant Director.

CEMEX is a presence in the community, touching nearly all inhabitants’ lives in some way. Such is the case of Ricardo Clemente, a CEMEX employee for 40 years, now retired, who currently has a son working at the facility. Clemente states that the plant has been consolidated as a leading figure for the town. For his part, Miguel Torcal, who worked at the plant from the age of 16 to 63, is himself the son of another CEMEX employee. Torcal says that CEMEX has always been concerned with developing its workers, since the training and help he received enabled him to complete his baccalaureate while employed.

The exhibition tells these families’ stories, and many others.

The images show a plant that has witnessed and participated in the history, development and change that Aragon has experienced over 87 years. Viewers can appreciate the continuous evolution of the plant, the main changes and technological advances implemented, as well as the improvements in safety conditions. Today the automation and adoption of much more sophisticated technologies in the sector allow the plant to operate more efficiently, under more secure conditions, and with a much more specialized job force.

In addition to the images, other interesting items are on display such as an antique typewriter from the 1940s and a collection of specimens that have been used in the plant throughout the years. Together with the photos these items tell the story of nearly nine uninterrupted decades of history that CEMEX wants to share with its employees and the people of Morata de Jalón, and the world.

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