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CEMEX Finland Sustainability

Environment and quality

Embra wants its operations to have an active impact on reducing environmental loads.

Finland Sustainability

Embra actively follows EU environmental requirements concerning emissions, environmental gasses, dust and energy consumption.

Terminals are maintained in a new way that minimizes the impact on harmful emissions. Through Embra’s environmental program we strive to gradually reduce environmental impact.


Environmental policy
Embra’s environmental policy creates sustainability for the company as well as the environment.

This is accomplished by:

  • Following current environmental regulations.
  • Continuously developing the company’s environmental performance.
  • Taking an open an transparent environmental policy.
  • Ensuring all company’s employees participate in continuous environmental development work.
  • Minimizing the environmental loads caused by our terminals.
  • Working together with our suppliers in order to support and encourage their environmental work.

Quality policy
Quality is a core philosophy and an essential key component of Embra Oy operations.

All employees at every level of organization are fully committed to meeting the high standards demanded by our quality policy in everything they do.

Employment Policy
Embra Oy is an equal opportunities employer and follows current Finnish employment and Health & Safety legislation.

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