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Embra is the largest importer of bulk cement for Finland’s ready-mix concrete, concrete element, concrete product and mortar industry. Our company markets high-quality cements to the Finnish markets. Customer deliveries are made via port terminals. Embra guarantees uniform quality and precision and good availability in all of our terminals.

Finland Services

Embra OY is owned by CEMEX S.A.B. de C.V., which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of cement, ready-mix concrete and other construction industry products. The company has operations on four continents in the most dynamic markets of the world. It strives to meet its customers’ global construction needs and to provide added value for shareholders by evolving into the world’s most efficient and cost-effective construction product company.

CEMEX’s import network is one of the largest in the world and plays a major role in the implementation of the company’s objectives. Finnish customers can benefit from the company’s strong connections to manufacturers and suppliers in the form of lower costs and better service.

Offices and Terminals

Embra has offices in Turku and Joensuu and three strategically placed terminals in Naantali, Loviisa and Joensuu.

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Technical Services

We can offer you, as Embra’s customer, cement that is guaranteed to have uniform quality and good availability at all of our terminals. We can also use our technical expertise for your assistance. In addition to local know-how we can also offer CEMEX’s international expertise.

Below are examples of things we can help you with.

Calculations of heat and strength generation
The 4C-Temp program concerns the heat, maturity degree and strength of concrete structures. The 4C-Temp enables preliminary assessments of projects and making of calculations so that the result can be seen as a graphic representation.

The 4C-Temp program can be used to interpret different types of structural methods and it enables the selection of different variables such casting speed, mold, insulation, cooling and heating with the purpose of avoiding cracking during setting.

4C-Temp is a computer program that is designed to determine how temperature and strength vary on a 2-dimensional polygonal surface (with or without gaps). The thickness vertically against the 2-dimensional surface can vary.

All calculations are based on the Finite Element Method. The 4C-Temp program automatically runs all procedures needed to change the physical problem setting into a form that can be processed in the FEM. User-defined geometry is automatically divided into triangle elements.

Temperature calculations
The 4C-Temp program determines the temperature distribution in a cross section based on time variation.

The program takes into account:

  • Temperature development caused by the concrete hydration process
  • Temperature and rate of concrete casting
  • Atmospheric conditions (air temperature, wind force)
  • Mold, insulation
  • Cooling pipes, thermal resistance, heating fabric


Cooperation partners in the industry

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